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PARKINSYS parking lot :General Manager Robert Lu

PARKINSYS originally belonged to the department “Parking lot equipment” of AURORA Group. They introduced AMANO, a toll management device/machine/installation for parking lots, in 1983. AURORA Group specially established PARKINSYS in February 1997, as a response to the government’s policy to encourage private companies in the construction of parking lots. They started a model in which joint venture businesses would be part of the company in order to achieve this. We (think we should use “we” instead of PARKINSYS) uphold AURORA’s unique corporate culture and business philosophy by:
– Providing better and exquisite services to our original customers.
– Actively expanding parking lot automation projects.
– Accumulating experience in the implementation and integration of our system capabilities in the large-scale parking lot charging (maybe “billing” or “toll”) machines/devices.
– Achieving the improvement of our planning ability and practical technology.

PARKINSYS has not only researched and developed its own brand of parking equipment, but we also specialized in selling parking fee collection equipment and managing parking lots since our founding in February 1997. We are committed to improve the functions of our parking system and to provide our customers with fast and convenient parking services. Furthermore, we focus on innovation and R&D to strengthen our continuous and exquisite service in the market. Inheriting the “sustainable management” philosophy of AURORA, our team spirit is based on practicing the principle of “happy employees, customer satisfaction, and business success”. We work together to achieve this ideal goal.

About Us

PARKINSYS has accumulated rich knowledge and experience in the fields of professional planning and operation management of parking lots.We initiated the “overall concept of future planning” for various parking lot projects and have always enthusiastically adhered professional planning and service. We strive for improvement, being more tangible, and more thoughtful constructions and services. As a result of this, we hope that our exquisite services can exceed our customer expectations.We will introduce innovative concepts, build a Toll Collection System to identify the parked vehicles, and combine service quality to improve the realization of “high-quality parking spaces”.

Commercial honor

The 34th Entrepreneurship Model of Taiwan


The 10th Golden Thumb Awards For PPIP


The 21st National Award of Outstanding SMEs

We won the 4th “Mittelstand”OR “backbone”) Award in 2017