1.It can setup machine serial numbers.
2.The device can setup time discount accordingly.
3.The device can setup the discount rate accordingly.

1.Processor: Arm13/1G CPU
2.RAM: 256MB/512MB RAM
3.Storage: 512MB Nandflash
4.Power: DC 13.8V
5.System: Windows CE6.0 & Linux2.6 & Android 4.0.3
(1)Display screen: 7”TFT LCD;600*800 resolution
(2)Touch Screen: Five-wire resistive screen
(3)Popup Display (to customer): 32*144 pixel LCD
7.Interface Peripheral:
(1)Serial Port:1 x internal; 2 x external (electronic scale and second printer friendly system)
(2)Network Port: 1 x external 10M/100M
(3)USB Port: 5x external USB 2.0 Port (4 x standard USB and 1 x Mini USB)
(4)Cash Drawer: RJ11 (support Epson 6 pin)
(5)Wifi: support USB Wifi or built-in Wifi
(6)RFID Card: support Radio Frequency Identification Card (optional)
(7)IC Card: Support chip and pin card (optional)
(8)GPRS: General Packet Radio Service is available (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access)
(9)SD Card: Secure Digital Memory Card Device
(1)2” Thermal Printer: 57mmxΦ50mm
(2)Speed: 120mm/s
(1)Dimension: 272mm(L) x 152mm(W) x 106mm(H)
(2)Weight: 0.8KG/Printer (8PCS/Carton)