Cash registers combo CH-5620N

This system is specifically designed for parking lots. The system will automatically generate the parking fee from the ticket that issued at ticket dispenser based on its rate set-up and displays the
amount on the screen.

1. It can setup 6 to 8 different types of rates
2. The rate standards can be categorized by day, night and specific time period (late night).
3. It can setup weekend or public holidays rates.
4. It can setup a maximum charging amount by day or by week.
5. Complimentary, happy hours and public holidays settings are available.
6. Automatic cash registers drawer.
7. The machine can set discounts, such as: price discount, time discounts, shop discounts; and can record revenue accordingly.
8. The system includes the functionality of discovering overtime and renewing season passes on departure.
9. Check out date, amount, cash registers staff number and tax invoice number can be stated on tax invoice or receipt.
10. Ticket stub or receipt printing features are also provided; the client has the option to print the receipt by time or by day. (Receipt copies are printed continuously for account check in the future)
11. A cash registers serial numbers can be setup on each device and the device can list all transaction on general ledger reports.
12. The device can associate with ticket reader which has discount features.
13. It can associate with display monitor, cope with ticket reader and connect with central control computer.
14.Clock: With perpetual calendar, can automatically display year, month, day, hour, and minute.

Card reader:
1. It connects with the cash registers system after reading the parking fee from the ticket and will display the amount immediately. There is no entry time required to be input by the staff to reduce process time and avoid errors.
2. Notification will be displayed on monitor to assist staff when an invalid ticket is inserted.
3. There is no restriction on feeding direction.

Display monitor:
1. The monitor will automatically connect with the cash registers system when the staff has entered the entry time into the system and display parking fee for customer to check and settle the payment.
2. Payment display screen: LED payment display monitor, which can display Chinese, English and 8-digit numbers.