Automatic pay station PM-7900

It can be placed accordingly at the stairwell entrances, corridors, and halls to achieve unstaffed pay station goal.

1. After the ticket is inserted into the device, the pay station will display the amount that was generated and will settle account after the correct amount is inserted.
2. The pay station accepts NT 5, 10, 50 coins and NT100 banknote with at least 95% recognition accuracy rate. There is no restriction on feeding direction.
3. The coin storage box capacity is up to at least 1500 coins. The machine will send a signal to the central control computer if the changes are insufficient or full.
4. An intercom system can be installed to communicate with the Management Room (optional).
5. The color touch screen has Chinese message and Chinese voice system features which can display various operation messages.
6. An alarm will be triggered when the device door is opened, and the message will be sent to the Management Room.
7. The machine has a cancellation functionality. The driver can press the cancel button if has doubt to withdraw the process and the machine will return the equivalent amount.
8. It has Automatic Payment Machine lightbox in Chinese built-in on the machine.
9. The machine has three types of automatic change devices, which can automatically divide coins inserted by the driver, and feed to the change system for future use.
10. There is no restriction on feeding directing.
11. The driver can choose to enter the Tax ID number to print on the receipt after completing the payment. The driver receives a copy of the receipt without going to the Management Room for a
stamp on the receipt for reimbursement.

1. Voltage: AC110V\220V, 50\60HZ
2. Current consumption 4.2AMPS\2.6AMPS
3. Suitable temperature 0℃~50℃
4. Suitable humidity 10% to 90% relative humidity (no condensation)
5. Data protection device: data can be stored in the device, in case of power outage.
6. Case material is made with 2.0mm (inclusive) steel plate and also has rainproof structure feature.
7. Communication interface: TCP/IP
8. Timing device: Perpetual calendar
9. Rate system: 3 kinds of rate systems
10. Payment method: NT5, NT10, NT50 coins and NT100 banknotes, with over 95% counterfeit banknote recognition accuracy rate.
11. Storage capacity:1500 coins, 500 banknotes
12. Device door damage detection: the alarm will be triggered automatically when door is opened, and a signal will be sent.

Optional equipment:
1. Intercom device: can be installed accordingly upon request.