This machine applies two-in-one design with a ticket dispenser device and a automatic sensor card reader (optional). It is placed at the gate entrance and play the welcome message to instruct driver entering the venue when the induction coil buried under the lane detects a vehicle.The barrier which is controlled by the ticket dispenser will automatically raise to allow access after a parking ticket or a season pass is scanned. It will generate an admission count after a vehicle passes the gate.

1. This device has an LCD screen and a Chinese voice system. It will display and play relevant operating messages when the driver reaches the entrance.
2. The machine has single access control, which can authorize access with data received. This will avoid multiple vehicles entering the venue with the same pass or enter with invalid ticket.
3. The machine can provide messages such as admission count.
4. The machine can operate offline and transmit data when reconnecting to network.
5. Season passes are all induction card that can be read in all direction without restrictions.

1. Power: 110/220 VAC±10%, 50/60 HZ the third class grounding (apply power on-site)
2. Suitable temperature: 0℃~50℃
3. Suitable humidity: relative humidity 10%~90% (no condensation)
4. Power consumption: 30W (normal) 50w (maximum).
5. Data protection device: It has internal timing system and data storing features will autosave when encountering power outage. At least more than 10,000 data can be stored when the network is interrupted.
6. Case material: 2.0mm thick steel case (case color can be customized), rainproof and dustproof structure.
7. Communication interface: TCP/IP
8. Ticket issuing speed: about 1.5 seconds/ticket
9. Ticket storage capacity: up to 500

Ticket issuing function(parking ticket):
1. The machine serial number, parking ticket code, rate code, vehicle number (optional) and entry time by year, month, day, hour, minute, and second can be recorded on the parking ticket.
2. Failure collecting ticket or failure accessing venue after collecting ticket functionalities will deactivate the ticket and report to central control computer for future reference.
3. The machine will automatically deactivate the issued ticket to prevent the ticket from being taken when failing to collect the ticket.
4. It can setup barrier closing timing when failure accessing venue after collecting the ticket.
5. The system will automatically deliver a message to Management Room when storage is running low for restocking.
6. The machine can notify Management Room immediately if the ticket storage has not been replenished.
7. Ticket collection point is sitting at the same height as drivers where they can reach out from their seats.

Season pass function (optional):
1. Season passes are induction cards.
2. It records at least daily use time frames, individual pass number, parking lot code, registered vehicle plate number (optional), expiry etc… A signal will be sent to grant access to the gate after the pass is scanned and identified along with the license plate recognition system. A written and verbal Chinese notification will be displayed and played if failure scanning the pass and the gate will remain barred.
3. An OK signal can only be sent once from one pass to avoid multiple entrances within a short time.
4. Access denied when inserting an invalid pass number.
5. It has single access control to avoid multiple vehicle entrances with the same pass.
6.It can setup vehicle with season pass to access venue outside opening hours. The system can still allow the valid season pass user to enter venue with time recorded, so the admission fee can be generated and settled upon departure.
7. Season passes can be read in all direction without restrictions.
8. Card reader is sitting at the same height as drivers where they can reach out from their seats.

Optional equipment:
1. Season pass reader can be installed accordingly upon request.
2. Intercom device can be installed accordingly upon request.
3. License plate recognition system can be added accordingly by request.
4. Easy Card/ iPass system: You can use the Easy Card/ iPass to enter and exit the venue. The amount will be deducted immediately.
5. The vehicle identification and rating system can automatically detect vehicle sizes and issue tickets with different rates accordingly.