Vehicle detector

1.The detector is used in conjunction with the induction coil to detect vehicles for both car and motorcycle.
2.Detect motion: automatic detection.
Single direction: two groups of independent relays without voltage contact output.
Bidirectional: Two-circuit independent relay output without voltage contact.
4.The detector can be built in other devices or can be used along.

1.Reaction time:
Single direction: 10~90ms, automatically adjustment according to its sensitivity
Bidirectional: 10~60ms, automatically adjustment according to its sensitivity
2.Detection indication: red LED on
3.Sensitivity setting: multi-level adjustment
4.Input power voltage: 12/24 VDC (on-site power supply), 110/220 V or DC 24 V, 50/60HZ
5.Suitable temperature: -40℃~+82℃
6.Suitable humidity: <95% (when not wet)