License plate recognition host

1. The host connects with two license plate recognition cameras.
2. The host connects with the electronic tag reader that was setup on the driveway.
3. The host monitors the boom gate operating status.
4. The host can control boom gate on/off function.

Central Processing Unit: at least Intel Core i5 (2.4GHz).
Memory: 4GB (inclusive) or more.
Storage device: 32GB/SSD*2, with RAID1 backup function.
High-resolution color display interface with a resolution of 1024×768 or more.
There are more than 2 LAN interfaces (inclusive) and has at least 1G/100M/10Mbps bandwidth support feature, which can be switched on/off automatically.
It has at least 4 (inclusive) USB interfaces.
Serial communication interface: at least 4 RS-232C serial interfaces.
It has Mini PCI-E expansion slot.