Boom Gate (KG-510)
Straight, articulated boom and microcomputer barrier gates are suitable for parking lots and driveway entrances/exits to control traffic. It can be connected and synchronized with billing systems, ticket dispensers, vehicle detectors, remote controls and traffic lights, etc… Boom gate system provides automated, user-friendly and safe management for the premises.

■ Gate opening/closing signal input
■ Traffic lights signal output (gate opening locating)
■ Ticket dispenser signal output (gate closing locating)
■ Gate closing signal recording during gate opening
■ Prioritize gate opening signal during gate closing
■ Input signal when detecting vehicle near the barrier to prevent damaging vehicle when door closing
■ 1-16 seconds automatic gate close time settings
■ 1-16 seconds forced gate closing time settings
■ The boom gate can monitor unnormal situation and set off alarm with automatic warning system.
■ The gate is with 150W/24V power supply output
■ 24V brake positioning output
■ IP44 and CE certification

■ Accept 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph power input, DC motor rated power 100W.
■ The case is made of a high strength 2.0mm steel plate with 1P44 rain-proof function to strengthen its construction.
■ It is suitable for long-term operation by using connection rod, which provides smoothness, stability and efficiency.
■ It is equipped with positioning auxiliary brake and is very accurate with horizontal position, and reliable on forward and reverse response.
■ The barrier has an accurate and stable control when accelerate and decelerate without shaking.
■ The counterweight balancing design assists the rise of the barrier to reduce power waste and maintain its service life.
■ Articulated boom set applies connecting rod system to make adjustment easier.
■ The barrier is 885mm from the ground with night reflective effect features to improve visibility.
■ Each motion can be set to 1.5, 2.0, 2.5…4.0 seconds per time accordingly.
■ Machine weights approximately 55KG.
■ Coated with Epoxy/polyester (Hybrid system) mixed resin. Coating thickness is 0.15mm or more.
■ The gate can be manually lifted in case of power failure or outage.
■ Dimension is L325 x W390 x H1025mm

(1)This equipment is installed at the gate of the parking lot to control traffic. The device can be connected and synchronized with the Parking Ticket Dispenser, Ticket Validation Machine, and Cash Registers Combo.

It automatically turns on to lift or drop the barrier to control the passage of the vehicles after receiving the signal. It can be controlled unmanned in order to save labor costs.

(2)Motor: use gear or connecting rod to drive the barrier.
(3)This machine can install with a straight or a folding boom which are coated strips with aluminum white paint and red reflective tape.
(4)The barrier cannot be lifted manually when the device is with power. Staff can manually lift the barrier when encountering power outage.
(5)When the barrier is lowered, it will automatically bounce back when detecting a vehicle on the induction coil.
(6)The length of the barrier can be adjusted according to the lane width on site. Maximum length is 2500mm~3500mm.
(7)The barrier can lift up to 85 degrees or more.
(8)Barriers’ opening or closing time: within 3.5 seconds.
(9)The barrier is 800mm~900mm away from ground when sitting at horizontal position.
(10)Power: Comply with power supply on site.
(11)Case thickness is 2.0mm. The steel plate is powder-coated with rain-proof structure.