Straight-arm and folding-arm fence machine KG-520
Straight and folding boom gate device KG-520: This device is installed at gate entrance/exit which stops the traffic with a barrier. It can associate with ticket dispensers, card readers, cash registers
combo, ticket validation machine, RF wireless auto sensor card reader, and license plate recognition system. It doesn’t require staff members to control the device and can operate automatically after receiving signal from the associated device to reduce labor cost. The barrier can be lifted manually when encountering power outage.

1. Power: AC110/220V, 50/60HZ (comply to power on-site).
2. Suitable temperature: 0℃~40℃.
3. Suitable humidity: 10%~90% (no condensation).
4. Case material: steel plate is 2.0mm thick with solid structure.
5. Motor: the motor is used to drive the barrier and has an overload protection device.
6. Barrier open timing: 2~3 seconds.
7. Length: 4000MM (aluminium), installation position can be adjusted on site.
8. Height: The barrier is 800mm~900mm away from ground when in horizontal position.
9. Barrier operating range: 0°~90°.

1. The machine has both automatic and manual settings; the control can lift or drop the barrier when it is on manual mode.
2. The device uses gears and connecting rod motor to drive the motion, which is suitable for long-term operations, and upkeep a smooth, stable and efficient operation.
3. The machine is equipped with an auxiliary spring to operate the barrier, which can reduce the workload on the motor and gear.
4. Maximum barrier length is 4 meters.
5. The barrier can install with an aluminium straight or a folding boom with aluminium white paint and red reflective tape.
6. The gate opening signal is prioritized during the gate closing process.
7. The machine comes with motor temperature protection.
8. The device is set with 1 to 16 seconds automatic closing time setting.
9. The barrier can be lifted manually when encountering power outage.
10. The balanced weight design can assist barrier operation to reduce power waste and maintain service life.
11. The protection mode will stop barrier operation when the barrier is dropping and the vehicle detector is triggered.