Automatic Pay Station CH-7800

Smaller equipment, The automatic pay station can be placed at stairwell entrance/exit, corridor and hall accordingly. Payment will be settled by the driver at the unmanned automatic pay station.

  1. The automatic pay station displays the vehicle’s picture at entrance and parking fee after the driver enters car license plate detail.
  2. The automatic pay station accepts NT 5, 10, 50 coins and NT100 banknote without any feeding direction restriction and is with at least 95% recognition accuracy rate.
  3. The coin storage box has a total of 250 coins capacity. The machine sends a signal to the central control computer if there is insufficient change or it reaches its full storage capacity.
  4. Total storage capacity of 500 notes.
  5. The station has an intercom device to communicate with Management Room. (Optional)
  6. The machine has Chinese messages and voice system features, which can guide various operation messages.
  7. The machine is equipped with 5NT and 10NT, two types of automatic change devices.
  8. The machine can print out the summary when making settlement inquiry.
  9. The machine uses an electronic invoice system.
  10. The drivers can enter the company’s tax ID when making the payment.
  11. The driver can cancel the transaction at any time if he has any doubt of inserted amount. The machine will return the equivalent amount to the driver.
  12. The station can integrate with 2D bar code scanner, which reads discount coupons and electronic receipts to proceed discount.
  13. The machine has a vehicle plate number search engine, which displays the vehicle photos for driver to confirm before finalizing payment.
  1. Power: 100V~240V.
  2. Case thickness is 2.0mm steel plate with surface paint treatment.
  3. The station uses an industrial computer host unlike the one in a general household or commercial product.
  4. Invoice printer: thermal type, paper roll width is 79.5±0.5mm.
  5. The station has a 1 LAN interface, which supports a bandwidth of at least 1G/100M/10Mbps and can switch on automatically.
  6. The station is equipped with a 17-inch LCD capacitive touch screen.
  7. Dimensions:
    Body:42(W)*40.5(D)*146(H) cm.

    Bottom Plate: 58.4(W)*50(D)*0.8(H) cm.
  • Optional equipment:

    1.Hidden camera (can be installed upon request)
    2.Intercom device (can be installed upon request)
    3.Barcode scanner (can be installed upon request)